Redemption Step #1: Enter Your Redemption Code

Welcome to the Reward Redemption page for the Computer Help Desk program, powered by DigitalSupport.Com. To redeem your Computer Help Desk Reward, and get your benefit information, program overview, and access information to the Computer Help Desk Program emailed to you, you'll need to redeem your Computer Help Desk Redemption Code below, and provide us with some information that we can use to set up your account. When your redemption is complete, we'll send you an email with all the information you'll need to take full advantage of your benefits.


Here's What an Redemption Code Looks Like: CHDZB1234567890

To begin the redemption process, please enter your Computer Help Desk Redemption Code in the box below:

(Redemption Code Format Example: CHDZB1234567890)

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